Power of Coaching - Managing the TIME of Your Life

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To achieve winning results from your business plan you must be a master at managing your time.

In this 142 page collection of stories of inspiration and success, you’ll learn how to discover if you are contributing to or contaminating your time. Imagine if you could actually generate more time! The stories in this book will make it possible for you to be more productive at work and home. Learn to eliminate feelings of anxiety, confusion, and overwhelm. Contributors include renowned business building experts: Harry Hoopis, Jim Rohn, Stephen Covey, Jose Feliciano, Brian Tracy, along with peak performance coaches Scott Taylor, Denis Waitley, Diane Ruebling, Jed Niederer, Germaine Porche & Dr. Alison Arnold


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Machen MacDonald established the ProBrilliance Leadership Institute in 2004 to coach, consult, and lead advisors and small business owners on how to increase their clarity, certainty, capacity, and confidence to be their superior self in all areas of life. He helps advisors bring forth their best strategic thinking so they can congruently align and accelerate their purpose, passion, and productivity in the world. Using collaborative ancestral wisdom, Machen listens to and challenges his clients to precisely access their highest awareness and deepest resources to operate from a more brilliant potential on a sustainable basis. Machen is a #1 bestselling business and personal development author, award winning strategic business coach, loving father of three happy, healthy, & productive children and married to his beloved for over a quarter century. Machen is a serial entrepreneur having started five successful companies including having journeyed in financial services as a top producer, award winning agency manager, and highly impactful home office executive for a run of over 30 years. He is a highly sought-after inspirational lecturer. He enjoys competitive running and endurance athletic events, along with snow and water skiing. He is a community advocate currently serving on the boards of three local nonprofit organizations.