LinkedIn Presence Scoring System to Help Sales Teams

In most cases, visiting a doctor involves an examination. The first thing that a prospect does is examine you as well. For some, it’s a quick exam – more like a glance. For others, it’s more than that. Prospects make quick choices and you must;

1) Quickly get their attention

2) Not have any glaring holes.

Your LinkedIn presence (and that of your sales team) can be compared against a set of standards to give it a “score”. This will help find those glaring holes that push away prospects without your even knowing that it is happening.

Your sales team can be evaluated in a similar way to the doctor. This simple 10-point assessment system will make that easy. Learn who has invested the time and energy with LinkedIn and who has not?

A quick and simple assessment tells you:

1. What the baseline is for the group as a whole

2. Who the rockstars are – the “natural leaders”

3. Who needs help and WHAT KIND of help

4. Things that can be exploited in a good way

5. Potential risks due to lack of knowledge

The LinkedIn profile is the centerpiece, but that’s not all of it. It is little more like a dashboard in this instance.

Here is what to look for. Each question is worth 1 point, for a total of 10 points.

1. Does the profile EXIST and does it include a headshot picture?

2. Has the headline information been updated or improved from the LinkedIn default?

3. Have they been posting status updates, ~1 per week or more?

4. Do they have 500+ direct connections?

5. Do they have a summary in place (anything at all)?

6. Is the summary “built out” and worded in the 1st person?

7. Do they list any contact information on the profile – phone, e-mail?

8. Does the current job show and is it properly linked to the company page (look for a logo)?

9. Do they have 5 or more LinkedIn recommendations?

10. Do they belong to 5 or more LinkedIn Groups?

This simple 1-10 system will help give you a baseline on where your team sits re: their LinkedIn presence. It is useful to assess the team PRIOR to a training event and then again after the training sessions are completed and the team has had time to implement what they have learned.

This assessment work can be done by anyone knowledgeable with LinkedIn. In a short call, we can coach even an individual with lesser LinkedIn skills to do this work. Candidates include administrative assistants, marketing, HR or even managers. We can do it as an outsourced service as well.

Make It a Contest

Sales reps are highly competitive and they like numbers. Use this technique to incent them to improve their LinkedIn presence and, in doing so, improve their sales performance. Posting scores for all to see will help a lot. A LinkedIn training program based on these findings will help as well. Provide prizes to the top sales reps and don’t be afraid of shaming the lesser performing sales reps. They will improve quickly from the peer pressure.

This assessment is part of the LinkedIn and social selling programs that we deliver at Integrated Alliances. Programs include services and training for LinkedIn, social selling and Sales Navigator.


Mike O’Neil is the CEO and Founder of Integrated Alliances. He sits atop LinkedIn at 30,000 connections and he enjoys two Forbes Top 50 Social Media awards. Mike authored “Rock the World with LinkedIn”, a blueprint for optimizing your LinkedIn presence. He ushered in the world of PC’s, networks, software, Internet and social media. coaching, training and speaking on LinkedIn and B2B sales. Mike works with executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and sales teams teaching them how to utilize the vast resources and capabilities of LinkedIn to build their business pipeline often using little-known techniques to lap the competition. Mike frequently brings his message to the stage at conferences and events, presenting “Navigating LinkedIn” to help existing LinkedIn users thrive with and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.