How I Wrote 1.1 MM in Just a Day Using This One Strategy

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Join Seth Greene and learn how to generate qualified appointments using the one strategy that beats online seminars every time.

As we all know, there’s still a giant question mark about when the quarantine will end due to the Covid-19 virus. Meanwhile, advisors have been trying to convert their normal seminars into online webinars with disappointing results so far.

Seth tried hosting an online seminar with a company he was comfortable working with, but found the process very time consuming and expensive at $2,500 per seminar. His investment resulted in 47 registered, only 19 attendees, and they all logged off in the first 15 minutes.

Avoid these devastating results and learn how Seth created a lead funnel process that lets you:

  • Avoid the cost and concerns of transforming your dinner seminars into online webinars.
  • Sit back and wait until a qualified, ready-to-engage appointment is booked on your calendar.
  • Close multi-million dollar deals like the 1.1 MM deal Seth closed with Fisher Investments.
  • Get new appointments and write new business without ever meeting the person face-to-face.

If your marketing dollars are valuable to you then don’t miss this video!

One advisor using this system said: “I’m getting more leads than ever, and more importantly they’re highly qualified leads that are turning into paying clients.”

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