Housefires & Happenstance

It was mid-morning. I had sent out a dozen follow-up emails to my pipeline. The phone rang. As I picked it up, a full vibrant, almost chuckling voice boomed: “Good morning Philip – this is Mike! Your timing is impeccable! ”

Mike then proceeded to tell me he had been struggling with a decision about marketing services when he received my email. It had been a simple one: I hoped things were settling down again after his recent house fire, and asked him how things were looking for him.

Literally three lines.

Then I learned two things of great value:

  • Mike said the fact that I remembered our last conversation and mentioned my concern for his house fire showed that “you take good notes and you care” – and that won his respect
  • He had received a marketing piece about my services from a partner just the previous day, and had watched the entire 20 minute video
So then we had a great conversation, Mike shared some other insights about his life and business with me, and it looks like we’ll do business together.

But my takeaways from the conversation will be of even greater lasting value…

First was that one little touch of personalization made my email stand out among the dozens of other messages in Mike’s inbox that morning. Yes, I take good notes. Mike’s a pro and he recognized how a good salesperson works. You can’t remember everything, so you rely on good notes in your CRM.

My other takeaway here was that my simple 3 line email had arrived at the perfect time – right before a buying decision, and right after a positive message about my services from a third party.

For sure, there are equal parts device, luck and happenstance here. Hey you know what they say, it’s better to be lucky than good!

But seriously, this is not something you can count on every time. But it’s never going to happen if you aren’t doing the work, keeping the flow of the conversation, checking in with people, reminding them you’re here, what your value to them is and what you had discussed on the last call.

People only buy from those they know, like and trust

The third, and possibly the most powerful takeaway here was the power of transference of trust.

“The wha???” you say?

Yeah, so my marketing partner has known Mike a lot longer than I have. They have built up trust over time. Many interactions, lot’s of support, lot’s of trust. And by sending Mike that video, they created an emotional warp in space and time across which Mike’s trust in them was transferred, in some degree, to me.

And as we all know, people only buy from those they know, like and trust. And of these three, trust is the most elusive.

So here’s your inspirational marketing message for a Friday:
  • Keep those cards and letters going out
  • Make it personal
  • Call-in your backup
All the Best for Growth in Your Practice,



Philip Meese Started his career as a software engineer at the New York Stock Exchange. Helped develop the first artificial intelligence insider trading detection system code-named MARS. He partnered with a head trader at Merrill Lynch to launch a proprietary derivative products trading desk for the 5th largest bank in the world. He then launched software consulting company Mercury Technologies and grew it to 80 employees and $15M in revenue. After selling his consulting firm to a publicly traded company, he became Senior Director for an international digital marketing firm. While there, he managed multi-million dollar global digital marketing campaigns for a client portfolio that included Citi, NBC, A&E Networks and Getty Images. Philip left the corporate world in 2016 to launch Slipstream Advisor Marketing. The firm works exclusively with Financial Advisors to provide advanced digital marketing strategies and services. At Slipstream, he has developed the Slipstream Seminar Marketing System which has been used to place tens of thousands of qualified attendees for hundreds of advisors across the country. More recently, he launched AdvisorXpress, the world's most advanced follow-up and nurture platform designed expressly for Financial Advisors.