Why Quality Matters

We spend a lot of time obsessing over attendee quality here for one simple reason: we listen.

When we were first getting started, we spent dozens of hours in meetings with our financial advisor clients listening to them talk about what matters to them. And the one message we heard over and over again was “I want quality attendees at my seminar”. And although that sounds like a perfectly obvious thing to want, we took an analysis of that thought a little further.

Your seminars can be looked at as a traditional sales funnel. You market the seminar to hundreds, sign-up about 50, about half actually attend, you conduct in-office meetings with about half of those, and half of those become clients.

This is the normal, expected and desired way sales funnels work. As you progress down the funnel, your prospects become more highly qualified so that by the end, you are meeting with only the most highly qualified prospects.

Here’s what I don’t need to tell you: higher quality attendees at your seminars improves the seminar itself: you’ll get better interaction, better questions, and you will likely make a higher number of in-office meetings because your attendees will be more attuned to the value you offer. And that will translate into you building your practice faster and easier.

But here’s a news flash: if you can improve the quality of audience for your original ads – waaay up at the top of the funnel, you can improve the numbers all the way down, and actually close more business from your seminars.

Quality is the Invisible Multiplier

In the great new digital domain, there are now ways to improve the audience quality for our ads. We use it on all our campaigns and I want to tell you more about it, but I’m out of time today. I’ll get into more details on that in another post.


Philip Meese Started his career as a software engineer at the New York Stock Exchange. Helped develop the first artificial intelligence insider trading detection system code-named MARS. He partnered with a head trader at Merrill Lynch to launch a proprietary derivative products trading desk for the 5th largest bank in the world. He then launched software consulting company Mercury Technologies and grew it to 80 employees and $15M in revenue. After selling his consulting firm to a publicly traded company, he became Senior Director for an international digital marketing firm. While there, he managed multi-million dollar global digital marketing campaigns for a client portfolio that included Citi, NBC, A&E Networks and Getty Images. Philip left the corporate world in 2016 to launch Slipstream Advisor Marketing. The firm works exclusively with Financial Advisors to provide advanced digital marketing strategies and services. At Slipstream, he has developed the Slipstream Seminar Marketing System which has been used to place tens of thousands of qualified attendees for hundreds of advisors across the country. More recently, he launched AdvisorXpress, the world's most advanced follow-up and nurture platform designed expressly for Financial Advisors.