How Advisors are Getting Seminar Registrations for $17 Each

Advisors all over the country are now generating sign-ups for their seminars at costs like $17 each. How are they doing this?

It’s not complicated but it has to do with a sea change in seminar marketing.

My last post was about a quiet new revolution taking place on your desktop. It’s the rise of the Integrated Marketing Platform. Now I know that sounds like a $25 word invented by some Harvard MBA (which I am not). So let me elaborate…

The IMP (my own term) is giving rise to a level of automation in marketing that is an “enabling technology”. And what is this enabling, exactly?


Current Seminar Marketing firms are becoming obsolete. They are expensive. They don’t produce the qualified attendees you really need. They don’t listen to you. And they don’t provide you with the Total Control of your marketing machine that you need to have a stable growth pattern in your practice.

In previous years, direct mail firms that got you seminar attendees held you hostage because they owned the lists. This allowed them to rent the list to you. Again and again. And make a large profit from you every time. And you didn’t have a choice.

Now that direct mail is almost dead, the new digital seminar marketing firms have stepped up to hold you hostage in a new way. But there’s a chink in that armor, and it’s about to bring them down.

Currently, digital seminar marketing firms hold you hostage by two thin threads: knowledge and workforce. They have the knowledge about how to build and manage digital campaigns. And they have the workforce to build and operate these campaigns that you lack.

But that’s all changing. Just like the humble elevator operator of the 60’s, who became obsolete within a few short years. As elevator machinery got better and easier to operate. Then electronic controls and buttons were introduced. And finally enabling technology of computerization made the robot-ized elevator a better solution that any human operator could be. And the elevator operator just disappeared.

We have arrived at an inflection point where this same obsolescence is happening in seminar marketing. The ads and the web pages are now easier to build than ever. And the knowledge is now being made available to innovative advisors who want all the benefits of Total Control, including seminar registrations at $17 each.

The advent of the Integrated Marketing Platform is the final piece of the puzzle – it’s the enabling automation that replaces the workforce. And creates a marketing powerhouse that is better than any workforce that came before it. Enabling a degree of prospect interaction, engagement, nurturing and follow-up that for 98% of advisors simply does not exist now – workforce or not.

I will be blowing this topic open on a webinar this Wednesday, September 18th, showing live examples of advisors getting registrations at $17 each and loading up their calendars with qualified prospect meetings as a result.

It’s free and open to all. Registration required: REGISTER HERE.

If you are reading this after September 18th – I invite you to register anyway, and we will send you a replay.

But for those that attend live I will be making a very special opportunity available. Hope to see you on the call.

All the Best for Growth in Your Practice,



Philip Meese Started his career as a software engineer at the New York Stock Exchange. Helped develop the first artificial intelligence insider trading detection system code-named MARS. He partnered with a head trader at Merrill Lynch to launch a proprietary derivative products trading desk for the 5th largest bank in the world. He then launched software consulting company Mercury Technologies and grew it to 80 employees and $15M in revenue. After selling his consulting firm to a publicly traded company, he became Senior Director for an international digital marketing firm. While there, he managed multi-million dollar global digital marketing campaigns for a client portfolio that included Citi, NBC, A&E Networks and Getty Images. Philip left the corporate world in 2016 to launch Slipstream Advisor Marketing. The firm works exclusively with Financial Advisors to provide advanced digital marketing strategies and services. At Slipstream, he has developed the Slipstream Seminar Marketing System which has been used to place tens of thousands of qualified attendees for hundreds of advisors across the country. More recently, he launched AdvisorXpress, the world's most advanced follow-up and nurture platform designed expressly for Financial Advisors.