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Paul Clingenpeel, 68, Jupiter, Florida
Not married, currently retired, portfolio value $250,000
Screener comments: Expressed interest in getting good safe returns, has not owned annuity before. 

Tracy Roberts, 63, Charlotte, North Carolina
Married, 5 years from retirement, portfolio value $475,000
Screener comments: Wants to make sure money will last, interested in indexed annuity 

Caroll Ruske, 63, Columbia, South Carolina
Married, Currently retired, portfolio value $750,000
Screener comments: Has sold $250,000 vacation house, wants to invest in safe annuity 

Darlene Kroll, 66, San Francisco
Not married, Retiring in 1 year, portfolio value $855,000
Screener comments: Has an annuity with 60,000 wants to invest 90,000 in a new one. 

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