Live Webinar: The Ultimate Baby Boomer Accumulation Annuity Addresses Non-Discretionary Spending, Puts 6.15% In Your Pocket

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Join PPMG on July 11th at 1:00 ET as they Introduce a powerful accumulation annuity strategy that addresses baby boomers' concerns about non-discretionary spending and provides an interactive tool for identifying your clients phases of financial life...

During this must-attend webinar, you will discover a powerful annuity solution -- with sales strategy -- that features:  

  • 5- year Accumulation
  • 6.15% Commission
  • Up to 200% Participation Rate
  • Up to 8.5% Cap Rate, S&P 500, 1-year point-to-point
  • Up to 53% S&P 500 Participation Rate, 1-year point-to-point

Take advantage of this ultimate annuity for baby boomers.

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