16 Market-Dominating Disciplines Used by Top Producers to Increase Sales Year After Year

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Join advisor coach Sandy Schussel for a web class on 16 disciplines used by top producers to consistently increase sales, grow their practice year after year, and crush the competition.

Top advisors employ hundreds of “disciplines” (ways of working in their practice) that anyone can learn and replicate. But which of these are the most commonly shared among the best of the best? Sandy Schussel has been working with successful producers for 20 years and has created the ultimate power-list of disciplines.

During this web class, Sandy will be sharing 16 of the best disciplines, including:

  • Ways to deliver a “WOW” experience that will have clients telling their friends about you
  • How to truly leverage your “inner circle” for prospecting - no more cold-calling or list buying
  • Paying attention to the “half-life of enthusiasm” so as not to lose a prospect
  • Harnessing the power of conversations to fuel new business
  • Selling with stories that build trust and help you close the case faster
  • Selling to the specific needs of clients instead of talking about features and benefits
  • Drilling down to find your clients’ real goals and the goldmine you’ll find
  • Plus 9 more…

Don’t miss out on this event, it may mean losing out on making thousands, even hundreds of thousands more in production. Hear from Sandy how Top-of-the-Table producers do it the right way - and start employing these strategies for your own business.

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