The Highest Income on the Market is Getting a Raise: Don't Miss Out

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As interest rates fall like dominoes, everyone is dropping their annuity payouts and rates. Once again the 10-year treasury yield is below 2%... but while everyone deals with the widespread fallout, here's your chance to turn the low-interest rate environment into a red-hot opportunity.

Now, the highest income in the fixed-annuity market is getting a raise. As part of the exclusive 2% of all distributors with access to this, we're busting down the door to let you capitalize on this rare opportunity.

Don't sideline your clients or limit your sales potential -- so here's the scoop:

  • Less than 2% of Industry Access to This
  • 3-5% increase on top of industry-highest income while everyone else is falling
  • This exclusive income increase applies for all ages
  • Industry-best income bonus of 45% on income-now rider
  • Guaranteed 14% annual rollup on income-later rider
  • Up to 250% nursing home enhancement rider
  • In-home care enhancement rider of up to 175% (2/6 ADLs)
  • 10 indexing account options and/or fixed bucket
  • Qualify for 50 bps comp bonus and more if you’re an elite producer

This boost to the highest guaranteed income on the market won't last forever, so don't wait.

P.S. You'll also get access to an exclusive accumulation alternative with up to 120% participation rate.

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