New Iron-Hot Annuity Features Stackable Income-Plus Rider: 3% Guaranteed Roll-up + 150% Index Interest Credits and Offers 8% + Compensation

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You’re among the first to hear about a new FIA that is only available to 2% of annuity distribution and is expected to lead the pack in terms of accumulation and lifetime income.

Take advantage of this product which features:  

  • 7-yr and 10-yr walk
  • 7 hot indexing accounts with no caps, no spreads, fixed interest bucket…
  • Up to 83% par rate on S&P 500*
  • Up to 150% par rate on new index with “low volatility” equity focus*
  • Stackable Income Plus Rider: 3% Guaranteed Rollup + 150% Index Interest Credits for 15 years…
  • Return of Premium feature with term end and on death…
  • High Interest Crediting Strategies available with no fees, no caps, no spreads…

For a limited time, you can qualify for up to 8.25% total comp from our partner carrier.

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*** Some indexing accounts may come with a fee. Please inquire for details.

For financial professionals only. Not for use for with general public or for any sales presentation.

Not a recommendation for any specific product for your clients or prospects. Annuity guarantees are subject to the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance carrier. Rates may be subject to change. Annuity products, features, and/or benefits may not be available in your state. Please conduct your due diligence before offering any product to your clients.

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