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The press has been giving life and annuity agents a reputation as people who are supposedly less than inclined to act in their clients’ best interest.

How do you overcome this hurdle that many agents face today?

The solution is approaching prospects as an educator, and that begins by engaging prospects with Financial Planner-quality content.

Now you can take advantage of a service that offers…

  • 155+ pages of PDF-copy, Financial Planner-quality content.
  • TONS of ready-to-use content for newsletters, social media content, drip email campaigns…
  • 3 consumer guides with 125+ pages of research, positioning annuities as solution. 
  • Customizable for Giveaway Offers in lead generation campaigns or other marketing.
  • Ongoing articles written and published on weekly basis.
  • None of your contracts required.

Instantly access three content rich samples and see first-hand how this service gets high net-worth investors’ attention and convert sales.

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"I recently started a new workshop and as soon as I incorporated my safe money listing I was making more appointments and know I will be writing more business. This program provides so much opportunity for such a small cost!”

Diane Brewer, President/CEO, Retirement Services of America

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