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As an advisor, you know that a fixed index annuity offers the powerful benefit of principal protection along with some growth potential but many of your prospects don’t.

Turn the confusion gap into a win-win advantage by downloading this free gift now to quickly show your prospects how!

This gift is just one part of an entire low-cost program that has helped advisors close more cases of $500,000 and up.

This quick 2-page FIA overview takes two Bear Markets from recent history and shows:

  • How FIAs can preserve years of compounded growth and save precious recovery time…
  • Just how long it can take for an account directly in the market to bounce back to its starting point.
  • Why an FIA offers a powerful solution for stabilizing portfolio volatility and still enjoying growth potential!
  • How retirees with an Index Annuity in their portfolio can come out ahead…

Start educating your prospects on the unique Safe Money Protection benefits that only an Index Annuity can offer.

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