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Watch a short webinar, where you’ll see a full-time opportunity in the Federal Market that lets you earn another $100,000 or more by “accident!” (Serious candidates only) 

In this first part of two webinars, see:

  • An exclusive opportunity for those hungry for aggressive business growth and already taking an educational client approach!
  • Why this program gives unprecedented potential to grow in the $557 billion Thrift Savings Plan market.
  • Powerful, client-benefiting alternatives to the overused sales pitches & gunslinger tactics of other Federal programs.
  • How you can benefit from a hyper-client focus in your practice… and how to turn your business into a nonstop referral machine
  • The chance to say good bye to the difficulty of getting in front of prospects… and to never have an issue with appointments.
  • Why, if you are an educator at heart and are serious about business growth, you can’t afford to miss out on learning more.

This isn’t for everyone. This program has already created tens of millions of dollars in annuity production, and we’re training only a handful of advisors at a time to be part of our elite group of advisor-educators nationwide.

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