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In October, the average 10-yr Treasury Constant Maturity was just 0.79%. With rates bottoming out, all insurers are dropping their rates and payouts. And with market uncertainty lurking on the horizon, seniors and pre-retirees are looking for the best guarantees possible, period.

Download our Oct 2020 report, available for a limited time, on who among four top carriers is paying the highest guaranteed income right now. You'll see real-time numbers on 5-yr and 10-yr payouts for a 60yo male.

Some highlights of this one-page report reveal:

  • 4 competitive companies, with the top company paying the highest of 10+% on withdrawals for life
  • The highest guaranteed income solutions available
  • Start closing more business by offering these top-shelf solutions

Don’t let the rest of 2020 pass you by without knowing which products will bring your clients the best returns on their investment.

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