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At a time when everyone's rates are bottoming out, give your clients best-in-market income from an A-rated carrier with just a $100k premium.

This powerful FIA offers competitive features, including:

  • Over 11% withdrawals for life with just $100k FIA premium from A-rated carrier
  • 7% compounding rollup annually for great lifelong income -- and optional 10-yr reset
  • Competitive 6% vesting bonus
  • Up to 130% enhanced par rate (w/ a fee)
  • Hot crediting strategies, including stepped-up rates for $200k premium
  • Up to 20% liquidity after year 1 (includes emergency access)
  • Excusive age-based payout options built to help maximize Social Security benefits
  • Contract issue ages 0-85

Be the first to sell this incredible FIA and instantly access our August 2020 Review of Which Company Pays the Highest Income!

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