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In today's consumer-driven financial industry, it's never been harder for advisors to thrive. From ever-changing regulations, to the demands of digital media, to perceptions of a "scandal-laden" industry...everything can make business growth seem unachievable.

How have consumer perceptions' changed as a result of these factors? What must advisors know -- and do -- in order to act, respond, survive, grow, and ultimately thrive against the tide?

In our Exclusive 14-page Report you'll discover:

  • How the financial crisis and recent industry scandals have transformed investor trust & perceptions...
  • Just how many Americans are really speaking with their advisors about annuities & life insurance...
  • The activity that 70 in 100 consumers are doing to affect life and annuity sales and what you must know.
  • The massive customer opportunity that insurance and financial companies are missing out on...
  • Why the concept of Safe Money presents a powerful opportunity for you online
  • And how, with the right tools, you can close sales faster, easier, and turn the enormous consumer trust problem into an advantage.

Gain immediate access to this report, plus 3 proven sales tools that open the door to new sales through exclusive data insights. You will learn how today's ever-changing consumer perceptions have an impact on your business and how you can close more sales faster and easier by using the power of digital marketing.

We’ve also included an exclusive on the groundbreaking FIA Study by legendary Robert Ibbotson. Advisors have closed cases of $500,000+ with this resource!

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