48-Question Annuity Guide Gets Prospects Saying Yes to Purchasing an Annuity or Annuity Replacements: Access Now

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Have you helped prospects to realize that they really need an annuity or if their existing annuity has any gotcha’s, pitfalls, hard-to-find fees, or other snafus?

What questions are you asking prospects to help them realize that they may have these problems?

Access this helpful 48-question annuity guide and get more prospects to say yes by helping them:

  • Challenge their retirement views and start thinking about their retirement in a new way.
  • Realize that their retirement may not be as secure as they think (Because no one ever asked them these questions).
  • Understand they might have issues about income, market risk, and other challenges that they haven't acknowledged.
  • Recognize that maybe their current advisor isn't having the right conversations with them about retirement.
  • See the handcuffs, limits, and fees in their existing annuity that may be costing them, big time.
  • Recognize that their existing contract doesn't quite offer the growth potential, safety, or guarantees that they might've been sold.

See how you can completely transform your appointments, phone calls, and all-around outreach with these questions that drive your prospects' pain points home. They can make the difference between closing new deals or having prospects ghost you over and over.

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