6 Seminar Best-Practices Used by Top Producers to Create Qualified Appointments: Download Guide, Get Results

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Imagine the best of the best in seminar presentation ideas being compiled into one, simple approach that was proven to work.

Stop imagining...The Full Circle Seminar Platform is compiled of best-practices from the best seminar programs currently being used by today's top seminar producers.

Some of the best practices Include:

  • Monitoring exactly what they did best, what they said at the beginning, during the presentation and during their closes.
  • How they specifically qualified attendees (ideas that would save you time, hassle and cost) and set appointments

There are no contracting requirements for this program. You don't have to give up a single penny of your annuity, life or financial biz but there are reimbursement opportunities to have your marketing spend covered.

The Full Circle Program also:

  • Helps you uniquely connect emotionally with the audience by touching on the 5 major pain-points on 5 precise areas that annuity advisors can solve for with fixed annuity contracts. Prospects walk into appointments with those needs in mind and the sale goes from there.
  • Proprietary pre-qualifying process going on during the seminar presentation where the prospect makes it "their idea" to meet with the advisor. Very nice way of keeping control of appointments, setting them, and qualifying prospects in the process.
  • This platform builds you, the independent advisor, up as part of the #1 ranked Safe Money brand on Google, you will be able to leverage the "Safe Money" brand to represent a platform that makes a powerful impression on your prospects.

Download our Guide, "6 Seminar Best-Practices Used by Top Producers to Create Qualified Appointments"and start generating better results tomorrow.

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