Get Access to 20 Complimentary, Pre-Qualified, Local Annuity Prospects At No Cost: Download Call Script and Program Overview

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Gain exclusive access to highly qualified annuity prospects near your office, and end the year on a high note.

Simplicity is giving out 20 highly qualified annuity prospects to qualifying producers (valued at $300 each or 6K total). To work these names effectively, we are giving you a phone script to use and a program overview that explains how this simple program works.

In addition, we do all the legwork by giving you comprehensive details on each prospect sent to your email inbox before you contact them.

Once a campaign is activated in your area*, here's how it works:

  • Over 300+ distinct digital ads appear in front of people locally with an interest in annuities.
  • When a person clicks on an ad, they are taken to a landing page which asks for basic contact information in exchange for more information (an annuity report, current rates, etc.).
  • When a person completes the landing page form, a staff member from our US-based call center contacts and qualifies the person.
  • Once the person has been qualified and agrees to be contacted by an "Annuity Specialist" (that's you) then the lead is sent directly to your inbox in real-time.

Get Access to theAnnuity Prospecting Phone Script and Program Overview to get started

*For qualifying producers only. Discuss details/requirements of this program with a Simplicity representative.

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