Proven Digital Seminar Program Overcomes Covid-19: Access On-Demand Sales Presentation Now

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Covid-19 has shut down Advisor’s seminars across the country, DON’T PANIC we have the solution. Slipstream Advisor Marketing has developed and tested a proven Digital Seminar program that is filling the virtual room and booking meetings with qualified prospects.

Here are the challenges Advisors are facing right now:

  • Venues are closing their doors and cancelling Advisor seminars
  • Large assemblies are being banned by State governments
  • Social pressure to avoid groups is rising, and may reach mandate levels soon

The perfect solution is to take your presentations online. Pretty attractive, right?

  • You present from your desk
  • Your prospects attend from their couch

Advisors who adopt this method for engaging their audiences NOW will dominate their market in the years to come and be positioned perfectly to expand their territory massively.

  • Presentations must be structured differently to succeed in this format
  • Specific features of this format must be used to generate greater trust
  • The process of booking prospect meetings requires a new approach

Discover how nimble advisors are moving online and using industrial strength webinar tools and techniques to engage their audiences.

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Slipstream Advisor Marketing

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