The Most Powerful Virtual Sales Message to Send Your Clients and Prospects During the Covid-19 Crisis

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$40M producer Stephen Smith faces the same challenges other advisors like you are experiencing in the midst of the pandemic affecting our country. The need to sell, communicate and close new business from home. In the course of talking with clients and prospects who are panicking over what’s going on in the market, Stephen and Seminar Strategies 360 has made this script available for download.

This powerful, timely prospecting message features the following:

  • A compelling opener on keeping up with the rising cost of health care
  • Eye-opening insight on inflation protection in a turbulent market
  • The realities of health care costs despite market behavior
  • How some clients may still be receiving dividends but face panic and need a solution
  • The power of income riders and never worrying about lost retirement income
  • How to position yourself as a key resource as all Social Security offices are now closed

Access our #1 Most Powerful Annuity Sales Message to Send to Prospects and Clients now and start selling virtually, from home.

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