How I Wrote $40 Million in Production Using a 360⁰ Seminar Approach After Years of Trial and Error: Download Now

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Learn how top producer Stephen Smith wasn't always a top producer until he developed an all-in-one, seminar-to-appointment process after years of trial and error and costly mistakes that he will show you how to avoid!

It wasn't always easy for Stephen. But now, recognized as a national speaker and an expert on social security optimization, tax efficient distribution and wealth transfer, he developed a seminar approach that enabled him to:

  • Increase his revenue 1,300%
  • Increase the size of his practice by 10X with educational workshops
  • Close business at an average 67% of attendees per seminar
  • Use a follow-up process that informs and converts prospects into clients

Plus, he backs all of his personalized training up with resources that will ensure you run the most successful seminar ever, including:

  • Training Video’s, Handouts, etc
  • Live Presentation of Steve doing a Work-Shop
  • Appointments Process Video’s
  • Videos going through software
  • Video going through ROTH conversion
  • Video putting together income plan

Learn how the system can help you grow your practice.

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Seminar Strategies 360

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