Living in the Zone – Engage the Unstoppable Power of the Intuitive Spirit

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  • Do you ever feel like something is holding you back?
  • Do you ever feel that no matter what you accomplish, there is always something missing?
  • There are profound answers to these questions in Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author Sid Walker’s new book Living in the Zone. Sid presents a time-tested creative formula for bringing any vision into reality combined with a mental focus that reduces negativity and suffering to an absolute minimum. You can’t beat that combination!

    Living in the Zone involves creating a vision of what you want to create, taking action on required activities, maintaining the faith that you will eventually succeed no matter what happens, trusting your intuitive instincts, maintaining a state of openness and innocence, and saying “no” to all negative thoughts and feelings (really).

    This may sound like a lot to keep track of, but Sid says it is surprisingly simple once you get a feel for it. He has coached hundreds of people to live and work in the Zone. We were actually born with the ability to live in the Zone, without thinking, but then we were programmed by the norms of society to block our inherent genius. The biggest challenge is that it takes guts to go against the conventional wisdom and learn to live in the reality we were originally given, which did not have negativity in any form. Granted, we were given that reality many thousands of years ago, but that reality without negativity and without suffering still exists. And you can tap into it any time you want! It’s called Living in the Zone.


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    • ebook $2.99
    • Audio $10.47 or 1 Audible credit

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