Achieve a 90% Closing Ratio by Mastering a "Low-Key Approach" Used by Top Advisors to Instill Trust with Prospects

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Join sales coach Sid Walker on March 2nd at 1:00 ET and learn how to master a low-key sales approach that's used by top advisors with prospects to instill trust and close 90% of their sales.

During this live web class, you'll learn:

  • How to shift from being perceived as a sales person to a trusted advisor.
  • How to have a high closing ratio by connecting with prospective clients and helping them figure out what they want to buy!
  • Powerful and reliable ways to double your closing ratio without ever being pushy or controlling.
  • How to make the Low-key Approach work in all scenarios: in-person, telephone, and video calls.
  • And lots more from 35 years of coaching thousands of financial advisors.

Don't miss learning Sid's simple formula for keeping prospects calm, trusting and ready to take their next step with your help.

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Selling Without Wrestling

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