The Prospecting Mentality – How to Overcome Call Reluctance, Procrastination, Sleepless Nights

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Why do you tend to put off the very thing that feeds your success...? The answer is that effective prospecting requires a special frame of mind. Sid Walker takes you there. Using Sid's leading-edge approach, you can quickly break through your own reluctance, excuses, and fears to prospecting consistently and effectively on command!

Learn skills that will break through your barriers: Get back on track quickly when your prospecting efforts are stalled. Recognize the state of mind that makes prospecting easy, and learn to shift into it at will. Discover six proven exercises that get you warmed up. Learn strategies for conquering fear of interrupting people, reluctance to call on friends, hesitancy to ask for referrals, fear of making mistakes, reluctance to call on people more successful or more educated, discomfort with the whole idea of selling or being a salesperson.


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WHO IS SID WALKER? And, why would you listen to him!? Sid is a champion of the “Low-Key” approach to selling; a consultative, relationship-building style of selling and self-promotion. His battle-cry is: "Your main job today is to help the client make informed decisions that feel right to the client!" He has successfully coached over 3,000 financial advisors including hundreds of the top people in the business. Sid is the founder of the Selling Without Wrestling Society, author of seven books on topics including: interviewing to get more client commitment, how to develop the confidence to prospect for bigger clients, overcoming call reluctance and the fear of self-promotion, how to "get on a roll" and "stay on a roll" selling services, and how to live and work in the zone. A pioneer, an innovator, and a seeker of empowering solutions to the challenges we face in sales and communication, Sid has focused his career as a peak performance sales coach, author, and speaker for more than thirty years. He has coached a wide variety of occupations with a specialty in intangible sales (financial advisors, consultants, anyone selling a service). Sid’s Low-key approach says your objective should be to help your client figure out what he or she wants and then help them get that. Sid has helped create some of the biggest producers in the financial services business who all swear by this non-aggressive approach. In the process of teaching thousands of people the low-key approach to selling, Sid developed a way to help his clients stay “in the Zone.” Most people relate to the amazing experience of being in the Zone, when you are totally focused on what you are doing in a relaxed way. The critical voice of the ego disappears and you focus on doing what feels intuitively right moment by moment. In this state, whatever you do seems to work, often in ways you have never experienced before. When you learn to live and work in the zone, your ability to create your visions takes on a whole new level of personal power and sense of well-being. Would you like more of that?