Trust Your Gut – How to Overcome the Obstacles to Greater Success and Self-fulfillment

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How to succeed in business without really thinking too much. Aimed at salespeople and other business folk who rise and fall on their charm, Walker has created a strategy for increasing confidence and charisma. Elegant in its simplicity, Walker's advice is to trust your gut. Recognizing the difficulty of making an argument for under-thinking, Walker goes to great lengths to explain his strategy. The right side of the brain can process enormous amounts of information and offer quick decisions; the left side of the brain, with its over-analysis and self-doubt, may be seductive in its logic but is all too often wrong.

First, one must unleash the intuition through creating the right environment and “an alert sense of calm.” For those times spent in client meetings or interviews and being asked a question for which the gut does not know the answer, Walker offers specific stalling techniques; in that case, the reader should suggest, for example, that the matter under discussion needs more thought, or turn to the client and ask for his or her thoughts.The author then encourages the reader to think big; rather than merely employing intuition moment to moment, he suggests creating a vision, such as a trip to Hawaii, and not letting go until it's achieved. Obstacles may appear, and setbacks may occur, but by maintaining a positive vision of the ultimate goal, the intuition will find a way to make it happen, the author asserts. Taking it in a more practical direction, he then provides the reader with a series of exercises designed to discover a “sense of purpose.” And, fully aware that when trusting the gut it can be difficult to stay on message, Walker offers some thoughts on “the art of staying on a roll.”

Finally, he winds up with “Trust Your Gut –The Song,” sung to the tune of “Ain't She Sweet.” Relentlessly upbeat and all the more likable for it, Walker's work demonstrates its own effectiveness.


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WHO IS SID WALKER? And, why would you listen to him!? Sid is a champion of the “Low-Key” approach to selling; a consultative, relationship-building style of selling and self-promotion. His battle-cry is: "Your main job today is to help the client make informed decisions that feel right to the client!" He has successfully coached over 3,000 financial advisors including hundreds of the top people in the business. Sid is the founder of the Selling Without Wrestling Society, author of seven books on topics including: interviewing to get more client commitment, how to develop the confidence to prospect for bigger clients, overcoming call reluctance and the fear of self-promotion, how to "get on a roll" and "stay on a roll" selling services, and how to live and work in the zone. A pioneer, an innovator, and a seeker of empowering solutions to the challenges we face in sales and communication, Sid has focused his career as a peak performance sales coach, author, and speaker for more than thirty years. He has coached a wide variety of occupations with a specialty in intangible sales (financial advisors, consultants, anyone selling a service). Sid’s Low-key approach says your objective should be to help your client figure out what he or she wants and then help them get that. Sid has helped create some of the biggest producers in the financial services business who all swear by this non-aggressive approach. In the process of teaching thousands of people the low-key approach to selling, Sid developed a way to help his clients stay “in the Zone.” Most people relate to the amazing experience of being in the Zone, when you are totally focused on what you are doing in a relaxed way. The critical voice of the ego disappears and you focus on doing what feels intuitively right moment by moment. In this state, whatever you do seems to work, often in ways you have never experienced before. When you learn to live and work in the zone, your ability to create your visions takes on a whole new level of personal power and sense of well-being. Would you like more of that?