The Gift of Legacy Can Win Your Clients’ Loyalty for Life

My business partner, Dennis Stack, lost both his parents before his daughter and only child was two years of age. As is the case for many families, his parents kept their past to themselves, and Dennis soon came to realize his daughter would never know her grandparents, or learn from their life experiences.

Then, after 19 years as a Financial Advisor for E.F. Hutton and serving as Sr. VP & Branch Manager for UBS/PaineWebber. Dennis realized he was doing a good job preserving his clients’ valuables, but he wasn’t doing anything to help preserve their values.

Like many advisors, he would send typical holiday gifts to his top clients. However, the year he lost his mother to Alzheimer’s disease, he instead created a booklet with a list of 100 legacy questions and packaged it with an audiocassette recorder and three blank tapes. The greeting card asked that they “take some time to save something worth more than money.”

Dennis rarely got more than a “thank you” note from a few clients when sending his typical gift. That year would be profoundly different. Every client to whom he had sent his package took the time to call him personally. Each and every one of them!

“It was as if they all agreed to say the same thing because their comments were nearly identical,” Denis told me.

I have never received a more thoughtful gift in my life,” One client said. “My entire family thanks you.” “We will never forget this,” were common responses.

If ever the phrase, “it’s the thought that counts” hit home, this was it. Even if they never recorded a single life story, their perception of Dennis was elevated to rock star status, something most advisors couldn’t even imagine. In one gesture, he cemented his best clients’ loyalty and made it nearly impossible for competitors to lure them away.

That is the power of Legacy Marketing at its core. And it’s only the beginning.

With millions of Baby Boomers and their Generation X children beginning to think about their legacy and how they can make a difference after they are gone, savvy advisors can seize a rare opportunity to attract, convert and retain a slew of new clients by what I call “Legacy Talks.”

Dennis and I are no strangers to developing new and exciting funnels of revenue. He enhanced his unique “legacy kit” sales strategy to dramatically grow his client base. With this success, he left his lucrative career to partner with me in developing world-class legacy marketing solutions for wealth managers and advisors.

As a serial marketing entrepreneur, I pioneered the very first paid programming radio talk show. It was called, “Let’s Talk America,” with a focus on personal development and achievement. My guests included some of the biggest names in the industry and my company quickly grew to over $100 million in annual sales.

With our combined experience, Dennis and I firmly believe the emerging legacy movement offers the best new client acquisition and retention opportunity for financial advisors in decades. And, it only requires a little education to make a big difference in your bottom line.

To that end, I’d like to share some of these powerful “Legacy Talks” strategies with you in an exclusive “Live Webinar Class” which I’m making available to InsuranceWebX Insiders at no cost.


Tom is recognized around the world as the leading authority on helping elders pass down their wisdom and life lessons to future generations. Utilizing a decade of field research, having training over 5,000 caregivers, Tom and his team developed client-enrichment tools and resources for financial advisors, estate planners and senior consultants that deliver immeasurable added value. His award-winning solutions are being used by advisors in many of the nation’s top organizations and firms. His free innovative resources include the website and mobile app voice recorder. Tom also authored the interactive Legacy Stories Handbook with 230+ legacy questions, legacy letter templates and more, as an easy to follow guide for families to interview and record their elder’s wisdom and life lessons.