How to Use Cause Marketing to Set Appointments with Your Target Audience

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Join Tom Cormier and learn how to use Cause Marketing to set appointments with your target audience, convert them into clients and generate enthusiastic referrals for minimal cost of time or expense!

The fastest and most profitable way to learn a person’s core values is by utilizing Cause Marketing.

Forbes Study:  

  • When you know 3 or less of one’s core values you’ll earn less than 50% of their business and 0.0 introductions.
  • When you know 5 core values you’ll earn 72% of their business and 1.7 introductions.
  • When you know 8 core values you get 100% of their business and 4.1 introductions.

After this web class you will understand the enormous power of Cause Marketing and how it can exponentially grow your business.

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