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Tom Chrobak

Financial Advisor


Thomas M. Chrobak is a financial adviser; speaker and autho1· with over I 5 years of experience in the financial se1·vices industry. He specializes in working with people who are planning for their retirement or are already retired. As a financial adviser with mc2 Wealth Management and president and co-founde1· of Plan on College, Thomas, along with his team, empowers his clients to build financial legacies beyond their lifetimes, while p1·eservingtheir estates to pay a lifetime of income during retirement years. As a holistic fiduciary, Thomas specializes in retirement income planning, as well as legacy building. He is dedicated to educating his clients on the new financial realities of the "Post Crash" world and how utilizing holistic financial planning strategies to thrive in these uncertain times, while reaching all their financial milestones. In addition, Thomas is one of select few financial advisers to 1·eceive the designation of Certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS), a designation that enables him to position his clients for maximum grants and scholarships on their children's college education. As a result, Thomas is uniquely qualified to help high net worth families save ON college, not just FOR college at the nation's leading universities. He helps his clients avoid 'raiding' their retirement accounts by showing them how to pay for college in addition to and not instead of, their retirement. Thomas is highly sought after as a speaker for private groups and he teaches classes on retirement and the college funding process regularly throughout Illinois. He is also an author/co-author of several books on college planning. He teaches adult continuing education classes on retirement income and tactical college planning strategies at the University of Illinois and other college campuses throughout Chicagoland. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading, travel, sports and has great passion for cooking. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his loving wife and business partner, Sonia, two beautiful kids, Szymon and Natalia and their big, playful dog, Auron.