Live Webinar: New Lead Program Pre-Educates Prospects on the Benefits You Offer Before You Connect - Lock Down Your Exclusive Territory

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Join Jim Fisher and Unkefer and Associates on September 22nd at 12:00 ET to learn about an exclusive lead program that puts you in touch with pre-educated prospects who are aware of the benefits you offer before you connect with them, helping you to close more deals much faster.

During this live webinar, you’ll learn about a program that:

  • Eliminates your competition with exclusive leads that nobody else is talking to (never resold or recycled… forever yours)
  • Gives you a competitive advantage with Territory Exclusivity (check availability)
  • Close deals faster as prospects are already-educated and qualified on the benefits you can offer them
  • Leverages our Automation, Training and Support to consistently turn cold qualified leads into clients

Start closing more life business in as little as 2 weeks with this exclusive program.

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