Meet with Annuity Prospects With Minimum Investable Assets of 100K In-Person or Remotely With Proven and Trusted Marketing Engine + Mobile Lead Application: Download Overview

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Get access to the #1 proven and trusted marketing engine that’s been booking thousands of connected annuity appointments for advisors every day for over 10 years. The system generates qualified leads from TV, digital, radio & direct mail and features both a Virtual Appointment service and mobile lead gen application for your smart phone.

How the Virtual Appointment service works:

  • Access to a prospect with min. $100K
  • Average investable assets $500K
  • Prospect agrees to talk with you, the advisor
  • Prospect agrees to a date and time
  • Assets are in an IRA, 401(k), CD or equivalent
  • Virtual meeting is booked directly on your business calendar

Meanwhile, the easy and fast Mobile Application includes:

  • Reminder Email for Advisor
  • Reminder Text Message for Advisor
  • Training Portal with Advisor Coaching
  • Books - Rate Report & Dos & Don'ts

We also make your life easier by getting, pre-scheduled appointments in your area with qualified annuity prospects right through your smart phone.

Learn more about the program’s details, including the low cost for appointments in your area, by accessing the program overview.

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