Live Webinar: New FIA Can Generate 12% Returns and Offer up to 8.25% Total Compensation

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This new FIA offers unparalleled potential for Accumulation and Income. One strategy yielded a 12% annualized return and offered up to 8.25% in total compensation.

How much income can your “Go to” Annuity generate?

Here’s a challenge…

Prepare your best proposal for a 60 year old depositing 100K. After 10 years how much income is it projecting? 12K,13K, 14K per year??

What if we told you that you can now project over 24K using the same assumptions? Would you be interested?

Join us on Monday, August 12th at 2:30 ET as we discuss this revolutionary opportunity that will take the industry by storm!

This revolutionary opportunity offers...  

  • Up to 8.25% Total Compensation (7.25 base + bonus comp)
  • 7 Indexing Strategies – no caps, no spreads and participation rate based (In fact, one strategy performed at a 12% average annual return the last 10 years when $100,000 grew to $311,846)
  • Amplified Income Plus Rider; 3% Guaranteed Simple Roll-up + 150% amplifier on index credits applied to Benefit Base for 15 years

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