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Ford Stokes, $30MM Producer, has just released his Annuity 360 Book to help advisors better educate prospects on the benefits of an Accumulation-Based Annuity. With the Covid-19 Pandemic, referral leads are more important than ever before, giving the Annuity 360 Book to clients and prospects might be the best referral generator for your practice.

What Advisors are saying:

“This is the best Annuity Book for advisors to hand out to their clients and prospects that I have ever read.” Chris, Annuity Agent in Georgia

“Annuity 360 educates and addresses the concerns my prospects have with buying an annuity.” Mark, Financial Advisor in North Carolina

“The Referral program that Ford has set-up with his book, Annuity 360, is easy to follow and works. It’s great to work with an advisor mentor who is also a former CMO, the guy really knows marketing. If advisors give two books to every one of their clients, then they will see referrals and annuity sales from that activity.” Sara, Advisor in Utah

“The annuity 360 book helps me educate my clients on the benefits on fixed indexed annuities, bond replacement and ROTH IRA conversion within an annuity. All of those drive more business for my practice.” Jon, Advisor in Arizona, and Texas

“I am glad that I have access to purchase and distribute Annuity 360, it truly is a referral machine for my financial advisory business.” George, Advisor in Florida.

Be one of the first advisors in your market to utilize this important Annuity book to educate your prospects on the benefits of fixed indexed annuities and why they should consider buying an annuity for a successful retirement.

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