$30M Producer's Radio Show Success Checklist Reveals How Easy and Inexpensive it Can Be to Generate Interest from Qualified Prospects

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$30MM Producer, Ford Stokes, is sharing his personal Radio Radio Show Success Checklist, revealing how easy and inexpensive it can be to generate interest from qualified prospects ready to do business now.

Ford’s Radio Show Success Checklist will teach you how to:

  • Get a Radio Show outline every week with content the audience looks forward to hearing .
  • Implement your own podcast into your practice for approximately $50.00/month
  • Select the right station for maximum reach.
  • Use real Nielsen Rating Metrics to get the best time slot.
  • Leverage a proven tactic that drives qualified responses from every show.
  • Keep costs down by following a few simple tips.

Radio will help you become more credible in your community which will result into more business.

PS: The first 30 qualified candidates will have the opportunity to have a free Radio Marketing Consultation with Ford.

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