Virtual Annuity Sales Just Got Easier: Get Pre-Qualified, Asset-Rich Prospects Delivered to Your Inbox (Advisors Are Converting 80% Into Appointments!)

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Are you looking to fast-track your virtual annuity sales? Get pre-qualified, highly targeted, asset-rich annuity prospects sent directly to your inbox with our Quest Leads Program. This powerful solution is quickly becoming the #1 choice for advisors.

This simple virtual program has become a secret weapon for many elite advisors, featuring:

  • Highly targeted online keyword marketing (via Google, Bing and Yahoo) to ensure your matched with the perfect prospects
  • A live, pre-qualification process over the phone to save you wasted time with dead-end conversations
  • The ability to achieve a 80% success rate getting leads over the phone that generate conversion-driven appointments

Important: Only a few agents and advisors will have exclusive territorial access per state so don’t miss out on cornering the baby boomer market in the regions where you focus.

*Just last week…Rick M., agent in FL, lead received 3 weeks ago, followed our turn-key sales process and got the application, moved a $800k client into an annuity from the program - Over 1700% ROI

* 2 weeks ago…David B, agent in WA, lead received 2 months ago, 3 phone appointments, led to final appointment in person, got application following our process, moved $250k client into an annuity from the program - Over 1100% ROI

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