Advisors Are Getting 20+ Pre-Set Appointments Every Week with Retirement Shield Automated and Are Moving Upwards of 30M in Assets Annually: Access Overview

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The facts are in: Retirement Shield Automated is a proven modern approach to digital marketing that is 100% turn-key.

Combining the power of the #1 Amazon Best-selling Book and The Retirement Shield proprietary digital marketing approach, we’re producing 40+ appointments with retirement-age prospects EACH MONTH.

Below are some of the highlights of Retirement Shield Automated:

  • Get your name and your story co-branded on the #1 Amazon Best-selling book, The Retirement Shield, giving you maximum credibility.
  • Access our turn-key digital marketing approach that is 100% automated to generate pre-set appointments for you while building your credibility at the same time.
  • Exclusive state-wide territories to maximize your results and business opportunities.
  • Coaching, mentorship, training, sales presentation tools, planning software, blueprint guide for success valued at over $10,000…provided at NO COST.

Watch a 10-minute overview to find out how Retirement Shield Automated can help you move $30 million or more in assets annually..

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